More Than Just Massage

Diing Mumbaki (Mumbaki Press)

*1.25 hrs: ₱400

The indigenous tribes of the mountainous north, through thousands of years of insulation from colonial influence, have developed and preserved an intricate heritage of worship and spirituality. From this culture hails the ritualist-healer Mumbaki, channeling the supreme divinity of Kabunian and the anitos (ancestral spirits) into our world.

Diing Mumbaki begins with a foot massage using the techniques and bamboo sticks of dagdagay, a complex Ifugao therapy of the legs and feet that concentrates pressure on specific points and scrapes dead skin, followed by the medicinal tradition of hilot. The entire process helps relieve circulation problems and high blood pressure.

Hugas Diwata (Nymph Wash)

*1hr: ₱650

Diwatas are the guardian spirits of nature, known for their kindness and beauty. Using a special concoction of essential oils and natural extracts, this exfoliating full body scrub will leave you with smoother and softer skin, as cared for by a diwata. You can choose among Himbing (deep sleep), Alaga (nurture), or Gising (awakening) extracts.


Bulalakaw (Meteor)

*1.5 hrs: ₱650

Mystical astronomy played a large role in ancient Filipino culture. Our ancestors would look to the skies and associate phenomena on earth with the movement and positioning of heavenly bodies. The stars were always so distant, yet their powers were never unfelt.

Bulalakaw bridges heaven and earth through harmonious manipulation of special heated stones on the back and shoulders. The near-burning sensation upon first landfall may surprise you, but the careful sliding of the stones will spread comforting warmth throughout the entire body to relax muscles, cure pain, and improve circulation.

Tadhang Tala (Fated by Tala)

*1.5 hrs: ₱1100

Experience Bulalakaw’s heated stones as a couple fated by Tala, goddess of the stars and one of the daughters of Bathala.

Silid Kawayan (Bamboo Room)

*Extra hour: ₱300

According to Filipino mythology, Malakas and Maganda, the first man and woman on earth, emerged from a huge bamboo in a vast land full of flora and fauna. Enjoy your chosen treatment in Silid Kawayan, a room resembling the creation of Malakas and Maganda, made especially for couples. ***subject to availability

 Additional Bamboo Foot
Massage (Dagdagay)

*15 mins: ₱80

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