Complete Comfort

nanayUyayi ni Nanay (Mother’s Lullaby)

(Hugas Diwata and 1-hour Ginhawang Maharlika. Save 100.)

Healing has long been a maternal art in traditional Filipino families. When a child is sick, the mother uses chiropractic procedures passed down from generation to generation to provide healing for the child. This is usually done at night, carefully and sensitively inducing the child to sleep. Upon waking up, the child is miraculously cured by the mother’s touch.

Uyayi ni Nanay replicates this motherly procedure, beginning with a body scrub and followed by the traditional Filipino hilot, with focus on pressure points, to induce healing through relaxation.

nanayMuling Pagsilang (Rebirth)

(Hugas Diwata and 1-hour Kalayaang Malyari with bamboo foot massage. Save ₱130.)

Rebirth and resurrection are recurrent themes in ancient Filipino epics. Often, after being warned by a diwata (nymph) of impending danger, the hero in an epic is defeated and killed by his enemies. Later, however, the hero would be brought back to life by some mystical power – stronger, braver, and wiser.

Muling Pagsilang will bring your tired body back to life after your day’s battle, commencing with an energizing full body scrub. A special bamboo massage is then applied to rejuvenate your legs and feet, capped off by a full body massage with stretching and kneading of focus areas to make you feel reborn and ready for your next battle.

nanayAlapaap (Heaven)

(Hugas Diwata and 1.5 hour Haplos ni Makiling, Save ₱150.)

Many creation stories from different Filipino mythological systems tell of a time when the ground and the sky were connected and not apart. It was therefore easy for gods to descend from heaven and for beings to ascend from earth. The tragic separation between heaven and earth is usually a by-product of a battle between the gods or some other divine activity. Thus, when humans were created, it was no longer possible to reach the high skies.

Alapaap brings back this ancient connection between beings on earth and the sky above through a divine full body scrub and one and a half hour of smooth, uplifting strokes and serene sliding on the whole body. The process is specially designed to bring you the peace and calmness of heaven.

nanayAlay kay Bathala (Offering for Bathala)

(Hugas Diwata and 1.5 hour Bulalakaw with additional bamboo foot massage. Save ₱180.)

Bathala is the ancient Filipino’s Supreme Being and the creator and ruler of Kalualhatian (the Universe). While sacrifices are also made to other gods and even anitos (ancestral spirits) for different and specific purposes, sacrifices for Bathala are rare, intricate, and the most special to ensure that the king of all gods is satisfied.

Alay kay Bathala is a divine treatment of complete care to prepare you as an offering for Bathala, beginning with a nurturing full body scrub, followed by a bamboo foot massage to clean and relax your legs and feet, culminating with a hot stone massage to warm and stimulate you for that moment with the ruler of all. Only the best deserve to be offered, and the best deserve the best.

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