Basic Massages

* 1 hour:₱350 / * 1.5 hours: ₱500

Ginhawang MaharlikaGinhawang Maharlika (Free Man’s Comfort)

The Maharlika was a social class of free men in the hierarchy of feudal Filipino society. Although enjoying a status of nobility, the Maharlika were bound by patronage to their datu to serve as loyal warriors in times of war.

Ginhawang Maharlika uses hilot, the mystical Filipino art of chiropractic diagnostics and treatment to provide healing after battling a long and tiring day. Deep strokes and pressure are employed to relax stressed muscles and remove arterial blockages (“lamig”) from the body.

haplos-ni-makiling Haplos ni Makiling (Makiling’s Touch)

Makiling, also known as Dian Masalanta, is the goddess of love and peace. She is the guardian diwata of the sacred mountain named after her in Laguna, known for charming her beloved with mutya and cursing the disrespectful by making them lose their way in the mountain in an endless circle.

Haplos ni Makiling uses slow and gentle sliding, kneading, and rhythmic tapping techniques to reduce muscle pain and stiffness. The nurturing charm places the body in its most relaxed state, effecting the touch of the goddess of love.

kalayaang-malyariKalayaang Malyari (Freedom of Malyari)

Malyari, also known as Bernardo Caprio, is the Filipino god of strength and bravery. Because of his pride and selfishness, he was reborn as a mortal and trapped between two clashing mountains, and has since then been trying to break free from his eternal punishment.

Kalayaang Malyari works the entire body, highlighted by the full stretching of the limbs, to provide relief from muscular tension, improve flexibility, and release energy trapped within the body.

* Warning: Only for the brave and strong.

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